The Springfield Student — A mostly happy man

Jacob Johnson for The Springfield Student 

As the bright lights of The Parlor Room blazed on the stage, the roaring cheers and applause from the crowd filled the room. The guitars were rocking, the basses were booming, and the vocalists were shining. Everyone was cheering for the one thing that brought them to Northampton that fateful evening: the release of Dan Zukergood’s most recent CD: “Mostly Happy Man.”

Amongst the hundreds of thousands of college professors around the world, each one has an extensive background story that makes them who they are, defines their teaching careers, as well as their lives. Only a small percentage of that group possess the positive outlook on life that Springfield College Education Professor Zukergood has. As soon as anyone sees what Zukergood is all about, he sticks out from the crowd… READ MORE

photo: Jacob Johnson

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