In the title song, Dan Zukergood sings that one way to be a Most(ly) Happy Man is to “lower your expectations.” But having heard Dan make music for over 50 years (truth –we met in 7th grade and he was playing guitar and writing songs back then) I had the highest of expectations for this CD; and he still managed to surpass them in every way.  The songs are joyful, serious, articulate (he must have been paying attention in Miss Bunten’s English class; who knew?), and life affirming. It is no accident that Dan really is the Most(ly) Positive, Upbeat Human I have ever met. This is an extraordinary collection of songs and I promise you will be happier after you listen, then you are right now. 
Rich Michelson – poet, writer, Northampton Poet Laureate, owner of R Michelson Galleries, Northampton, MA<

Your music speaks to me. Your songs hold together as a unit of bright stars for the listener’s (at least mine’s) belief system. As a guy your age, I can relate to the stories your songs tell, while the melodies feel timeless…it’s like I’ve been there bro. The musicians who played on your record, such as Jim Henry and JJ O’Connell conveyed the music beautifully.  Your words and melodies are simple yet complex, and clever in a good way. I’ll try to end with a proverb…Your music is wise like a tack, pointed in humanity’s right direction. Keep up the good work. 
Ken Gagne – artist

I love Dan’s new cd. My coffee table used to wobble and now it doesn’t!

Great vibe! Upbeat and enlightened. The story of one man’s journey to (mostly) happiness! Well done, Dan!
Willie Nile – musician

After attending the CD release party for the Mostly Happy Man CD, I contracted with Dan Zukergood to perform in the Red Barn at Fountain Park in Wilbraham. This fund/friend raiser was a sold out event. The audience was taken on Dan’s musical emotional roller coaster. They loved the range of songs from the heart wrenching to the lively songs which included audience participation. The band received a well deserved standing ovation and many in attendance are seeking other opportunities to hear this band.
Eileen Cyr

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